Day 3

This is my second time writing an entry for yesterday. The first attempt was titled “Fuck Those Bitches” and it was brilliant, funny, and scathing. Unfortunately I made the mistake of uploading too many photographs, then closing and reopening the WordPress app when nothing would post. I open the locally-saved copy and there is nothing. My ire is lost in the ether of cyberspace and a slow data connection.

We will all be patient, meaning I will mostly luxuriate in crippling, unexpected jet lag, and I will upload each photo individually. I can’t even begin to recreate the stunning scatological metaphors I’d devised for some of my compatriots, but I can offer these images of the Baha’i gardens at Acre, the holiest site in the Baha’i faith, and the place where the prophet Baha’u’llah is buried. I had also written up some interesting background on the guides who volunteer at the gardens, so perhaps I’ll add that when I am less tired.



2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. I am greedy, I want to read much more. My happiness is worth more than your sleep, right? (just kidding, I am pleased you are still alive)


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