Déjà vu

As an unrepentant procrastinator, I tend to leave my packing to the last minute. Naturally this results in 5:00 am internal wake-up calls, an early morning rising punctuated by bird song and thoughts of “I should probably bring a sports bra for all this fucking hiking.”

Encouraged by the “Suggested (mandatory) Packing List,” I just checked the weather in Jerusalem. Plus ça change, n’est-ce pas?

jerusalem forecast

I remember posting similar photos of the weather in Los Angeles long before I’d relocated and learned just how oppressively stifling groundhog days of sunshine can be. But if your political climate is forever unstable, you should at least get some certainty from the sun. No wonder tepid graduation speakers around the world frequently advocate sunscreen use when they have nothing else to say. It’s safe, sure advice in a world of known unknowns.

(Yes, that was an epistemological shout-out to Donald Rumsfeld. I just like to start things off on the right note.)


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